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The Benefits of Backflow Prevention in Texas

The Benefits of Backflow Prevention in Texas

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You probably know how your home’s water supply gets treatment from a water treatment plant to remove contaminants. However, backflow is something that can add more contaminants after water gets treatment. When backflow contaminates the water supply, bad stuff gets into the water we use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. That’s why it so important to get your home backflow prevention in Texas. By doing this, you’ll keep your water supply from being contaminated by backflow.


What exactly causes backflow?

Backflow contamination is what happens when used water gets into your clean water supply. This usually happens when there’s an abnormal water pressure differential. For example, if a fire hydrant gets opened up, this can drop water pressure. When this happens, water starts flowing backward into public lines. If you’re using pesticides on your lawn, water near your sprinklers can get sucked into the water line and contaminate the public drinking supply. This is where a backflow prevention system comes in handy.


How does backflow prevention in Texas work?

Well, before you look at backflow preventers, you should test for backflow in your home. If you call us, we can tell if backflow is happening in your system. From there, we can recommend you a backflow preventer to keep your water supply safe. Backflow prevention systems work by only letting water flow one direction. They work best when put at cross-connections where contamination can occur if backflow happens. Getting backflow prevention can not only protect you but others in the public from getting sick.


Why choose Alliance Plumbing for my home plumbing needs?

Alliance Plumbing is a locally owned plumbing company that provides for the fine people of Texas. Our family-run business makes use of local talent and provides the best in customer service and technical know-how. As a small business, supporting us helps support the community by making new jobs and keeping money in the local economy. Call Alliance Plumbing today to learn more about backflow prevention and schedule an appointment today!


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