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Functional plumbing is an important part of every household, but there’s more to it than the pipes and drains in the house. All of the plumbing in your house disposes of used water through a sewer line. Like the rest of your plumbing, the sewer line can experience problems, which are a major concern. Should […]

Your sewer line may not be the system you think of most often, but it’s one that can cause havoc if it’s not taken care of. We recently completed a sewer line replacement in Dickinson for a neighbor of yours. At Alliance Plumbing, we’re sewer line experts that have years of experience fixing, replacing, and […]

  When getting a new water heater, there are other models to consider besides the classic tank model. One of the most notable kinds you can get for your Texas home is the tankless water heater. As the name suggests, these water heaters don’t use a large tank that heats water for the home. Instead, […]

In 2021, Texas faced one of the biggest freezes in recorded history. Many Texans weren’t prepared for the devastating impact that such conditions would have on their plumbing systems. With winter well underway in the Lone Star State, it’s important for homeowners to stay vigilant and prepare their plumbing systems for the possibility of freezing […]

If the temperature outside your Clear Lake home is below freezing and you’ve turned on a faucet to hear just a gurgling noise, your pipes are likely frozen. Depending on how frozen they are, it might be possible to unfreeze the pipes yourself. However, to avoid expensive plumbing system damage, it’s crucial to do this […]

How to use essential ingredients you’ll find around your house to clear a drain with standing water If you find yourself staring into a sink of murky water that won’t go down or standing in ankle-deep shower water, you need a safe, at-home drain clearing solution fast. As daunting as that sink may be when […]

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