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In 2021, Texas faced one of the biggest freezes in recorded history. Many Texans weren’t prepared for the devastating impact that such conditions would have on their plumbing systems. With winter well underway in the Lone Star State, it’s important for homeowners to stay vigilant and prepare their plumbing systems for the possibility of freezing […]

If the temperature outside your Clear Lake home is below freezing and you’ve turned on a faucet to hear just a gurgling noise, your pipes are likely frozen. Depending on how frozen they are, it might be possible to unfreeze the pipes yourself. However, to avoid expensive plumbing system damage, it’s crucial to do this […]

How to use essential ingredients you’ll find around your house to clear a drain with standing water If you find yourself staring into a sink of murky water that won’t go down or standing in ankle-deep shower water, you need a safe, at-home drain clearing solution fast. As daunting as that sink may be when […]

It’s perfectly normal for homes to shift or settle over time. For older homes, this can cause the foundation to put extra stress on the pipes directly underneath your home, causing them to crack and break. As time passes, pipes become more vulnerable to damage, which is why slab leaks are so common in older […]

If the water in your home is slow to heat or your water heater just can’t seem to keep up with your family’s needs, Alliance Plumbing Services can help. Slow water heaters can be caused by a variety of issues, and there are several available solutions to the problem. A professional plumber can evaluate your […]

Are your plumbing systems acting strange? Is your toilet backing up despite not appearing clogged? It might be time to call Alliance Plumbing for a sewer line camera inspection! Sewer cameras consist of a camera at one end of a long, flexible rod. The camera connects to a computer to show a live feed of […]

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