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How To Prepare Your Plumbing for a Freeze in Texas

How To Prepare Your Plumbing for a Freeze in Texas

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In 2021, Texas faced one of the biggest freezes in recorded history. Many Texans weren’t prepared for the devastating impact that such conditions would have on their plumbing systems. With winter well underway in the Lone Star State, it’s important for homeowners to stay vigilant and prepare their plumbing systems for the possibility of freezing conditions. Read on to find out how you can keep your pipes from freezing this winter!

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6 Tips To Prepare Your Plumbing for Freezing Weather

#1: Unhook Your Garden Hoses

It’s strongly recommended that you unhook your garden hoses before the freezing weather arrives. Water can easily hide inside the hose bibb connection, where it can freeze and cause problems for your plumbing system. When water freezes in your hose bibb, it can cause excess pressure to build up, leading to a burst pipe — even if you aren’t using your garden hose during the winter months. Avoid the problem altogether by disconnecting all garden hoses once the cold weather hits.

#2: Wrap & Insulate Pipes

While snow and ice certainly don’t help matters, it’s usually wind and cold air that are responsible for freezing pipes. The best way to protect your pipes from frigid gusts is by insulating them properly. If you have exposed pipes, be sure to wrap them — especially if they happen to be outside. To wrap your pipes properly, we recommend using polyethylene foam insulation wrap as this material is specifically designed for pipe covering and insulation.

You may even want to apply heat tape to your pipes to provide further protection. This tape is specially designed to apply a small amount of heat to your pipes. Be sure that if you’re using heat tape to provide extra insulation for your pipes that it is plugged in securely at a reliable power source.

#3: Drain Your Lawn Sprinkler

After you’ve disconnected your garden hoses and properly insulated your exposed pipes, it’s time to drain your lawn sprinkler system. Turn off the water valve to your sprinkler system to prevent frozen water from expanding and damaging the most sensitive parts of your system. When draining your sprinkler, it’s important to remember to drain the pressure vacuum breaker after turning off the water. This will release any hidden water so you can avoid a burst pipe down the road.

#4: Crank Up the Heat

As a routine practice, you should always receive an annual heating tune-up to ensure your system is functioning properly before the freezing weather hits. After you’ve had an HVAC technician thoroughly inspect your system, make sure you are taking full advantage of your heating equipment throughout the season. Turning up the heat on the coldest days of the year can keep your pipes warm enough that they won’t freeze and burst.

#5: Open Your Cabinet Doors

For our fourth tip to work, you’ll need to promote equal airflow to your pipes by opening the cabinet doors beneath your sinks. Keeping the cabinet doors open will allow the warm air in your home to reach your exposed pipes more easily. As a result, you’ll reduce the likelihood of having a pipe burst and avoid the bill for a costly emergency plumbing repair.

#6: Let Your Faucets Drip

The best way to keep your pipes from bursting is by allowing your faucets to drip at a slow, steady rate during the coldest nights of the year. While doing this won’t keep your pipes from freezing, it will protect them from bursting since built-up pressure inside your system is being released through the flow from your faucet. Since the weather tends to be warmer and more people tend to be home using your plumbing system during the day, it’s not as important to keep your faucets running during the daytime as it is at night when temperatures drop and everyone is asleep.

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