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Outdoor Plumbing Repair & Remodels

Plumbing Repairs & Installations for Your Outdoor Spaces

All trends point to the backyard as the new hub for relaxing, gathering, and entertaining. It’s fun and refreshing to be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Even in colder climates, homeowners look to spaces such as enclosed patios and garages as bonus rooms for hosting get-togethers year-round. As lifestyles shift outdoors, so do the amenities.

Upgrade your outdoor spaces for gathering and entertaining. Call Alliance Plumbing at 281-488-0296 or contact us online today.

Exterior of Home with Garden

What Is Outdoor Plumbing?

You’re probably more familiar with outdoor plumbing than you think. Outdoor plumbing refers to fixtures located outside of your home, including:

  • Garden hose hookups
  • Outdoor showers
  • Outdoor toilets
  • Outdoor sinks and wet bars
  • Utility sinks in the garage
  • Antique water pumps or old plumbing

How to Run Plumbing Outside

Contrary to popular belief, plumbing can be added to outdoor areas easily and cost-effectively. You can run outdoor plumbing in two ways:

  • In-ground plumbing. The conventional method in which piping runs below ground level and gravity is used for drainage and routing.
  • Above-ground plumbing. The more modern and cost-effective method that’s especially convenient for outdoor plumbing, aboveground plumbing (also known as up-flush plumbing), is a small-but-mighty, compact system that grinds wastewater to the point at which it’s fully liquid and then pumps it through a small-diameter tube straight to the drain line. You don’t have to worry about breaking ground to install large pipes just for a wet bar on the patio.

Don’t feel like you need to DIY your backyard. Consult professionals from Alliance Plumbing to determine the best solutions for your outdoor plumbing repairs and remodels. Call 281-488-0296 or contact us online.

Outdoor Plumbing Repairs & Remodels from Alliance Plumbing

Outdoor sinks

Outdoor sinks come in handy for gardening cleanup or hosting in an outdoor kitchen. Consider a sink for added features and convenience.


Whether you have young kids or are the regular host of large summer gatherings, a super accessible bathroom serves as a big help. An outdoor bathroom keeps people from constantly running in and out of your house, giving you peace of mind and an easier account of everyone’s whereabouts.


It’s not as quirky as it sounds. An outdoor shower head is instrumental when you have a swimming pool, allowing you to rinse the highly chlorinated pool water off your skin, hair, and swimwear. An outdoor showerhead can also be handy for adventurous dogs who tend to get dirty when they’re outside.

Wet bars

The entertainer’s must-have. A small sink, minifridge, and/or icebox are essentials for a party space. If you’re upgrading your home and looking ahead to future happenings, consider whether a wet bar is a worthwhile investment for you.

Hot tubs

Aches and pains or relaxation, the health benefits of a hot tub are endless. Outdoor plumbing doesn’t just mean a fully loaded kitchen. It can simply mean running a dedicated hose line to your hot tub for convenience and easier maintenance.

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Outdoor Plumbing for Your Next Backyard Refresh

If you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, consider adding outdoor plumbing features. They add a unique touch and functionality, not to mention a boost to your home value. Alternately, if your outdoor oasis is already just the way you want it, don’t overlook the importance of general maintenance and repairs. If your garden hose hookup is leaking, or your DIY outdoor shower install isn’t getting great pressure, call Alliance Plumbing. Often, seemingly harmless plumbing issues can lead to more serious damage in the long run.

Call us today. We’re recognized as your local plumbing experts and a proud recipient of Angi’s “Best” Award. Call 281-488-0296 or contact us online.

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