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Gas vs Electric: Water Heater Differences

Gas vs Electric: Water Heater Differences

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When looking at new storage water heaters, there are two types that you’ll generally have to choose between. Gas water heaters burn natural gasses in order to provide the energy needed to heat water. Meanwhile, electric water heaters use electric resistance coils to heat water. Both of these can help you heat your water, but which one is best for you? Let Alliance Plumbing help you with your decision by showing you some water heater differences and similarities. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but we can help.



Gas water heaters require your home to be connected to a dedicated gas line. This means you may have to pay a lot of money if you don’t have a gas line but still want a gas water heater. However, the investment may be worth it if you have a large family. Because gas is cheaper than electricity, gas water heaters generally pay for themselves in energy saving within a year. In addition, gas water heaters are capable of heating more water per hour than an electrical model, and can run during a power outage. Unfortunately, gas water heaters are constantly burning gas. While this means you don’t have to wait for hot water, it also means there’s more heat loss through the tank’s walls. In addition, gas is less energy efficient than water.



Electric water heaters run off of the electric grid. While this means you don’t need a gas line, this also means you’ll have no hot water if you lose power. Since they don’t require vents to release exhaust, they can take up less space and come in a variety of sizes. In addition, they only heat water when needed, meaning they’re more energy efficient. Unfortunately, this also means they also have a low recovery rate (the rate at which they heat water,) making them a poor choice for large families. Also, the cost of electricity means you’ll spend more over time with an electric water heater. The savings you’d get from using less energy will likely be lost due to the price of electricity.


What makes Alliance Plumbing an expert on water heater differences?

Alliance Plumbing has two generations of plumbing experience running in this family-owned business. With our expertise, we hire the best, have a wide selection of parts and water heaters, and look to provide for our Texas community. When you choose Alliance Plumbing, you help support small businesses and building local jobs for our community. If you need a company that knows water heaters, call Alliance Plumbing today!


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