5 Benefits of Hydro Jetting Your Pipes

5 Benefits of Hydro Jetting Your Pipes

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Whether it’s hard water, tree roots, or some kind of trash, your drains and sewer pipes will eventually get clogged. When clogs get this bad, how do you clear them out? There are many ways to clean them out, but hydro jetting may be one of the most effective. This method has us first look in your pipes using special cameras attached to a computer. When we find the problem, we then spray the blockage with 3,000 to 8,000 PSI of water. This powerful method of clearing out blockages has several advantages over traditional methods.

Here are five reasons you should choose hydro jetting for your next sewer cleaning job:


It’s better for the environment

Hydro jetting requires plenty of water, but it’s more environmentally friendly compared to other methods. Other methods can use chemicals or techniques that can be damaging to the environment. Also, hydro jetting doesn’t use chemicals, making it safe to use near rivers and other bodies of water.


It’s non-invasive

Most sewer work requires a trench to be dug so the workers can reach your sewer pipes. This can be expensive, messy, and time-consuming. However, the hydro jetting hose can reach into your pipes through the pipe’s exit and clear the blockage without requiring any digging.


It’s highly effective

Conventional plumbing methods can clear out blockages, but they often leave behind residue. Over time, those leftovers can help build up enough debris to cause another clog. Hydro jetting can clear out the entire clog along with any residue, whether it’s from the clog or not. By doing this, we help prevent future clogs.


It’s faster and cleaner

Plumbing is rarely a clean job, no matter what method we’re using. There’s always the possibility that plumbing work can result in sewage coming into contact with the plumber or your home. Still, minimizing the inevitable mess is important. Hydro jetting is quicker than other methods, which means we’ll finish quickly and leave you to your life.


It’s very versatile

The cleaning provided by hydro jetting is capable of working with a wide variety of jobs. Not only can it work on residential clogs, but it’s able to clean up in commercial and industrial jobs. Even a severe factory clog can be cleared out with a powerful blast of water.


Why call Alliance Plumbing to clean out my sewer pipes?

Owner Kelly Caudel is a second-generation master plumber. Growing up in a plumbing family, his father is also a master plumber. The Caudel family are residents of the greater Clear Lake Area and have been providing professional plumbing work for decades. We’re lifelong citizens and we love our community! We hire and train the best local talent. We know that by providing the best in customer service and technical training to our plumbers, you get the best product, which makes us the best choice. By choosing Alliance Plumbing Services, you are supporting a local small business and building local jobs in our community. Fixed Right, RIGHT AWAY! When you call us, we answer the phone or return your call as soon as possible. We understand that it can be stressful when you have a problem with your plumbing. Call us today to get your sewer pipes cleaned!


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9 Signs You Have A Sewer Line Leak in Texas

9 Signs You Have A Sewer Line Leak in Texas

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water line leak in Texas from Alliance Plumbing

Functional plumbing is an important part of every household, but there’s more to it than the pipes and drains in the house. All of the plumbing in your house disposes of used water through a sewer line. Like the rest of your plumbing, the sewer line can experience problems, which are a major concern. Should your home experience one of these nine signs, you should call us up as soon as you can to get your sewer line fixed. If left unchecked, a damaged sewer line can flood your basement, burst your pipes, or even cause sewage backups! Alliance Plumbing can help you know the signs so you can detect a sewer line leak in Texas.


Here are nine signs of a sewer line leak in Texas:


Slow draining.

If the water in your sink and other plumbing is taking its sweet time going down the drain, that might be a sign of a damaged sewer pipe. The problem might just be a clogged pipe, but if other drains are experiencing problems, the clog is likely much deeper in the sewer line. Some of the things that can cause this include tree roots, cracks in the pipe, and flushed objects clogging the pipe. At worst, this could lead to backed-up sewage coming back up the pipes.


High water bills.

If you notice that your water bills are steadily rising and you haven’t changed your water usage much, you might have a sewer leak. Higher water bills are often a sign that there’s a leak draining your water somewhere. You can trust Alliance Plumbing to find and seal up the cracks causing your heightened water bills


Bad smells.

Functional sewer pipes are airtight, so if you’re noticing foul smells coming from your drains, your yard, or around the house, a pipe might be cracked. Alliance Plumbing can fix or replace that damaged pipe and keep your property smelling fresh.


Pools of septic water.

A big sign something is wrong with your sewer line is if you find water where it shouldn’t be. If the sewer line needs repairing, standing pools of foul-smelling water can show up in your house or in your yard.


Low water pressure.

Your home’s plumbing is sensitive to changes in water pressure and it requires a careful balance to work properly. If your sewer line gets damaged, your home’s water pressure will drop and your plumbing won’t work as effectively. If this happens, call us to get your system inspected and fixed.


Gurgling pipes.

It’s normal for your pipes to make a small amount of noise when water is running through them. However, if you’re hearing loud gurgling noises coming from your pipes when the water isn’t running, it’s likely caused by trapped air emanating from a crack in the plumbing.


Animals attracted to your yard.

If one of your sewer pipes is leaking, the smell coming from your yard and the pools of septic water might attract unwanted guests. Rodents and insects might be attracted to the smells or the opportunity to use the stagnant septic water for breeding.


Unusually green lawn.

Are parts of your lawn looking particularly green and lush this year? Don’t be so quick to praise the new grass seed. Sewage leaking from your pipes makes great fertilizer, but it’s a fertilizer you don’t want your garden exposed to. Eventually, the bacteria in the water will ruin your lawn and garden.


Cracked foundation.

The last symptom, but an especially worrisome one. If you leave your sewer line damage unchecked, it might cause structural damage to your home. Some of the more extreme symptoms include cracked foundation and even sinkholes. This is a rare symptom for anyone who is good at maintaining their plumbing, but you should call for a professional immediately if you notice your foundation is cracked.


Why is Alliance Plumbing a trusted name in plumbing?

Since 2003, Alliance Plumbing has been working to help homeowners around Webster, TX with their plumbing. We know a sewer line leak is a major problem for anyone. If you’re dealing with a leak like that, every second it goes unfixed is costing you money. As a small locally-owned business, we strongly believe in community, and we don’t want anyone in the greater Clear Lake area to have to go through that crisis. In short, if you need plumbing assistance, make the smart choice and call Alliance Plumbing today!

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