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6 Reasons to Get a Garbage Disposal Replacement

6 Reasons to Get a Garbage Disposal Replacement

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If you own a garbage disposal, it can be a convenient way to dispose of trash and keep your sink and pipes clean. However, like any other appliance or bit of plumbing, your garbage disposal will get worn down and need replacement, even if you’ve been careful about what goes into the disposal. Having a worn-down or broken garbage disposal can make it harder to cook or clean. Whenever a garbage disposal needs to be replaced, you’ll often notice a variety of signs.

Here are six signs that your garbage disposal needs replacement:


Foul smells

It’s not uncommon for garbage disposals to smell since they often have to break down wet food. When that happens, you can often fix it with some rinsing and cleaning. However, the stench can sometimes persist even after cleaning. When that happens, call a plumber so they can carefully take the garbage disposal apart and find the source of the smell. What you shouldn’t do is use chemical cleaners on your disposal. Using these will often damage the blades and components.


Power problems

A faulty motor may prevent your garbage disposal from turning on or staying on for long. However, there are a couple of other possible reasons why your garbage disposal won’t start, both of which you can easily solve. First, you’ll want to see if resetting the garbage disposal does anything. You’ll also want to see if the circuit breaker is working properly. If those are both working properly, give us a call to work on the faulty motor.


Frequent clogging

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you likely know how to use your garbage disposal without clogging it. However, it’s still possible to get frequent clogging problems. When this happens, it’s a sign that either the garbage disposal is malfunctioning or you just need one with a higher capacity.


Frequent resetting

Your garbage disposal has a reset button to help it some problems, but you shouldn’t have to use it very often. However, if you do have to reset your garbage disposal a lot, it might be time to replace it. It’s also possible you’re dealing with loose wiring, which requires the help of a plumber or electrician.


Strange noises

Garbage disposals can get noisy, but they can get especially noisy if there’s something wrong. Get some tongs and a flashlight and look for anything that may have gotten stuck in there, like a lost spoon. If you find and remove something, try the disposal out again to see if it’s quieter. If that doesn’t help, make sure the disposal’s components are working properly before you call us.



Your garbage disposal can leak from a variety of places. Most often, it’ll be some sort of connection leak, which can easily be fixed via some tightening or replacement parts. However, older disposals may develop cracks that can’t be fixed and require a replacement.


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