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5 Signs You Need A Faucet Replacement in Texas

5 Signs You Need A Faucet Replacement in Texas

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Out of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen and bathroom are some of the most commonly used. Having easy access to clean water via their faucets makes it much easier to clean your home and cook. However, you have to be aware of any problems with your faucets in order to avoid major plumbing problems. To properly protect your home, you have to know when your faucets need replacing. If you need a faucet replacement for your Texas home, we can help you learn when to call.

Here are five signs that you should call Alliance Plumbing to get a faucet replacement for your Texas home:


Mineral build-up

You should check your sink often for mineral build-ups if you have problems with hard water. The minerals usually build up inside and around the fixture and can cause major damage if not treated. Serious build-ups will require you to replace the entire faucet. Consider purchasing a water softener in the future to help minimize the minerals in your water.


Corrosion and rust

You know a faucet needs replacing when it’s corroded and rusty. Over an extended period of time, hard water and cleaning chemicals can wear down and damage the material that makes up your faucet. Oftentimes, the corroded material can get into your water and make it look and taste strange. Like with mineral build-ups, you’ll need a complete replacement to fix this. Since this is another hard water problem, a water softener can help your faucet last longer.


Plans for remodeling

When you replace your sink, it may not always be for functional reasons. When people shop for houses, they often take a good look at the bathrooms and kitchen. Because of this, faucets are often one of the things homeowners replace when putting their house up for sale. Replacing a faucet is a great way to improve your home’s value or redesign your bathroom.


Leaks and mold

A leak seems like one of the less worrying problems a faucet can have. However, leaks can cost you a lot via increased water bills. Also, leaky faucets allow mold and other moisture-loving fungi to thrive. Mold is not only capable of causing more damage to your faucet, but the spores can cause a variety of health problems to you and your family.


Old age

Faucets can last a while and still look in good condition. However, you should always consider replacing a faucet nearing the end of its life expectancy. Since every type of faucet has a different lifespan and warranty, you should consult the manual or manufacturer to determine your faucet’s life expectancy. If you can’t get a solid date, fifteen years is usually a safe bet for most sinks.


What makes Alliance Plumbing my best choice for fixture replacement?

Owner Kelly Caudel is a second-generation master plumber. Growing up in a plumbing family, his father is also a master plumber. The Caudel family are residents of the greater Clear Lake Area and have been providing professional plumbing work for decades. We’re lifelong citizens and we love our community! We hire and train the best local talent. We know that by providing the best in customer service and technical training to our plumbers, you get the best product, which makes us the best choice. By choosing Alliance Plumbing Services, you are supporting a local small business and building local jobs in our community. Fixed Right, RIGHT AWAY! When you call us, we answer the phone or return your call as soon as possible. We understand that it can be stressful when you have a problem with your plumbing. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you!


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