Sewer Blocked By Foreign ObjectsAn explanation of sewer line problems for League City, Clear Lake And Bay Area Texas Homes

Your homes plumbing system can broken down into 3 components. 1. The water supply line that delivers fresh water to your home. 2. The supply lines, fixtures and drains inside your home. 3. The main sewer line that carries grey water and waste away from your home.

Of all the 3 plumbing components, your main sewer line may be the most important. When you’re having problems with your main sewer line you may experience foul smells or even waste sewage that backs up in to your home. Either of those problems is uncomfortable and potentially a health hazard to people using your plumbing system. In this article we’re going to explain the possible causes why your sewer pipe can malfunction or fail.

Foreign objects blocking the flow of sewage waste

It can be surprising to see the things that people flush down toilets or run through the garbage disposal. Not everything that fits down the drain is appropriate for your drains. Any thing you put down your drains goes to your sewer line. These items MUST break down in water. Items that don’t break down in water can be become “trapped” or create a blockage that builds and gets worse over time. See the illustration.

Sewer Blocked By Foreign Objects

Tree roots in your sewer line

Trees need water and nutrients to grow. Sewer lines are a great source of both. Tree roots wrap around sewer lines and try to infiltrate sewer lines at joints, cracks and seams. Once a tree root has made its way in to your sewer line, more roots will grow in the line causing restricted flow and eventually complete blockage. See the illustration.

Tree Roots In Sewer Line

Sewer pipe misalignment

Sewers lines are buried in the earth under your yard. The ground shifts for many reasons, weather conditions, someone driving a heavy vehicle above it and more. A weak spot in your sewer line is where sections of sewer pipe join together. When the pipes go out of alignment, sewage backs up, and progressively the blockage gets worse until a complete sewer line clog happens. See the illustration.

Sewer Pipe Misalignment

Sewer pipe belly

When new sewer lines are installed it is very important the base they’re installed on top of is stable. As rain and other water soaks down through the earth you don’t want this base washing away and creating void areas where there is not a solid base supporting the pipe. When base areas under the sewer line are lost, the pipe is not supported and can “belly” or sag in those places. These belly areas collect solids and restrict flow. See the illustration.

Sewer Line Belly

Sewer line collapse

Forces from above your sewer line can exert downward pressure on sewer pipe. This pressure can come from tree roots, heavy machinery or vehicles above the pipe line and other causes. When the force exceeds the pressure the pipe material can bear, cracks, breaks and holes occur. Once the pipe is compromised, things will only get worse until a sewer line repair or replacement is needed. See the illustration.

Sewer Line Collapse

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