Water Heater Replacement & Installation ExpertsNew energy efficiency rules from the U.S. Department Of Energy for water heaters mean higher prices for consumers

Heating water for use in your home is the second largest source of energy consumption for homeowners. New rules call for higher standards on efficiency from water heater manufacturers. These new standards will change the physical space needed in your home for certain models and make the installation or replacement process more involved. The increased efforts of all this will mean higher prices on one hand and reduced energy usage on the other hand.

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The new water heater mandates require that water heater technicians understand what options homeowners have and how new models effect replacement and installation in your home. The new mandates cover all water heaters, but higher capacity units are more effected. In some instances your high capacity unit may need to migrate to new technology. That migration will incur additional installation costs.

The new water heater mandate could mean this for you:

  • New units can be up to 35% more expensive
  • More space needed – 2” taller and 2” wider for some models
  • More involved installation process
  • Possible home remodeling costs if your water heater is located in a closet or attic

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